Thule: Gateways to Darkness

Breath of Fresh Air

The dumb brutes hadn’t had enough of our troup apparently. We attempted a peaceful night of rest at the Tower of the Black Flame, but were bothered (only slightly) by the thieves from the streets. They were appeased with the large throne/serpent effigy. It seems their band is part of a larger group of organized crime…. interesting.

We find a potion, which Lucien claims will help with falling, and also a series of notes which lead us to the Set Temple to search for clues as to what Kelaklith was up to and where he managed to send the pieces of the cube of which we are now in possession. We are on the hunt for the remainder of the artifact, for Croatia knows it is worth the most whole and wants us to restore it. We are off to the Ghan peninsula in search of a man named Madder Keb who had been in communications with Kelaklith.

As we move off towards the jungles of Ghan, I feel as though I have no control over my destiny anymore. We ride up the river in a boat. A river ride like any other, and that’a all I will say about that.

Off the boat I take a deep breath of the jungle air. By the gods I have forgotten how I miss the deep forested jungle! The relief doesn’t last long though, for we are quickly pursued by large beast hunters and are reduced to running for our lives like savages. We come upon a road and quickly make for it, but they are quick. We make our stand among runes and are able to defeat the beast men.

We hunt for a mummified king with melted tears of gold and other great treasure. My greed is a hungry emotion and I am tingling with excitement to be able to appease it while also spending time in the jungles I love.


Erudite_E donny5989

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