Thule: Gateways to Darkness

Farms, Caves, and Deceiving Wizards

After being transported back to the tower, yet again by the cubes strange magic, we find Croathia much changed. He seems more himself, but less the Croathia we have come to know, even lucid enough to take audience whilst sitting in the great serpent chair at the base of the tower.

After questioning some of the folks in line to see Croathia, we are directed again by Osaiya’s connection with other members of Set and move to follow an old man sent to deconsecrate an old temple. On the journey, strange lucid, and shared dreams plague our group while storms rage. The storm and dreams cease together, and we finally come upon a farmhouse on a hill, and an old man sitting on the porch awaiting us.

The temple lies below the farmhouse, but the main entrance is collaped. Oren (the old man) tells us he was attacked by a bear on his journey and that there is also a bear in the house. Doh Mi, Luciens familiar changes to a centipede and crawls through the rubble to see a statue of Mithra in a small chapel. In order to find the other entrance, we must enter the house. I take the form of the brown bear that is inside, but it is unnecessary (Vulash manages to intimidate it without an animal form). The bear retreats to the woods.

farmhouse, bear smell

water pool, swim
stinky mold
human kneeling spot, papers
food place, rotten, do not eat
more papers
death smell, look in box, fight metal men, see fire
dead end, no smell
soft sleeping place, Oren smell? hmph
no Oren, need to find him

Oren stands, but not Oren? has magic, and bones
we fight, I am not afraid

After defeating the wizard (who probably killed the real Oren) and his skeletal minions, we head back to the dead end at the southern end of the caverns. Lucien heads back to the sarcophagus room and sits on the bench that had triggered a question before. Once the answer to the riddle is found, the dead end shimmers and we move through to a dark room. We find an old man…. the real Oren! He is deconsecrating the temple so we head outside to wait. When we fill him in on our mission, he offers his wisdom that gods battle and spill over into our world.

We camp on the farmhouse lawn. I sleep like a hibernating bear…….


Erudite_E donny5989

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