Thule: Gateways to Darkness

Golden tears

A most unnatural cavern

As we travel, the perils of the jungle pres.ent themselves in the forms of eagles and a saber toothed cat. Such creatures do not exist in the city and prove that nature is truly superior to the creations of man, but we are cunning enough to best the threats for now.

We come upon a cave with a main entrance and one hidden entrance behind a waterfall. We struggle up the hidden entrance, thinking it safer than proceeding along the obvious route. Inside the cave are a series of cavernous rooms with strange humanoid statues of soldiers, wizards, and royalty. We keep finding strange writings which no one in our party can decipher. We are attacked by two undead, but are able to quickly put them to the endless rest.

We come upon a room and are able to surprise a beastman who is tending to a fire. He presents the most difficult foe yet (although Vulash will not admit this) and our party is in great need of rest. Before such a decision is made, we enter one of the last rooms in the cave and find Madder Keb along with several hooded figures ready to protect him. They threaten us, and even Vulash is forced to accept our weakened state and admit we are in no position to fight these men. We back out and decide to hide behind the waterfall. As we rest, Madder Keb and his men leave the cave and Lucien lets them go in favor of letting all of us regain our strength. During our rest we are able to finish exploring the cave where Madder Keb was chanting. We find the most hideous burial: a mummified man with gold dripping from his face and limbs as if it were warm blood. He seems to have met a most unfortunate end.

After fully resting, we move to catch up to Madder Keb. Luckily, they stopped for rest as well, so we come upon there camp. Timbo and my other self act quickly and quietly infiltrate and are able to help ensure a quick victory with the element of surprise on our side. It feel good to stretch my muscles and extend my claws.

Lucien hunts around the bodies, and finds one of the cylinders to our cube. Unbeknownst to our party, he decides to connect the two pieces and is immediately engulfed in strange flames. Before I know what’s happening, our group is transported to a strange place with creatures and symbols that are unfamiliar and will not even try to begin to comprehend. Someone (maybe Osaiya) speaks of old gods, but before I have a chance to tell her that the only gods are the gods of nature, we are transported again and I find myself back on the 6th floor of the tower of the black flame…. sigh back to the city.

Lucien speaks of the home base or centered power of the cube being the tower of the black flame… I wonder if we will be tied to this horrid tower forever.



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