Thule: Gateways to Darkness


vicious cycle

greatest of wheels turn
when cessation is futile
foresight is aegis

Of course I knew the mage was an impostor. The pathway to his doom was laid bare in my mind before the truth was revealed. I am frankly relieved, for a moment there I thought that I had been overcome by the desire to destroy a perfect innocent. Thankfully that is not the case.

When I wield the power it becomes mine. Sources of power have no inherent morality in onto themselves. Evil gravitates to these sources of power as you might expect. The forces of Evil are not clear headed when they seek power, they are good at attaining it, terrible at wielding it. This is good. We will continue to take the power until the force from beyond withers in enervation.

It is only natural that I enjoy my studies, that the execution of the lesson is also pleasurable.
I hope to engage in more field-tests soon.


Erudite_E colinwalling

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