Thule: Gateways to Darkness

poking into the unknown 3

a unplanned visit

Alarming success
Parallels through my world
A moth saved by flame

Mader Kheb was another fool. Letting us go was his last mistake. His cadre was weakened and left in a vulnerable position, he wagered on our fear (to flee) or our rage-dulled wits (to fight his fight). His goal so close, he wished us away and was oblivious to danger.

I see ever more clearly the ether strings pull on the weak minded. The power hungry. I tell myself that is not my fate. I step forward open-eyed. If there be a Purpose, an unseen hand, I will accept this “reality” and create my own Purpose.

We have seen the place beyond the veil. The cube is indeed a powerful object to take us there. As I looked up at the face of the unknowable, I saw… Purpose. Glacial, inexorable Purpose, but the only inkling I could discern beyond overwhelming alieness was deep malice. It is like looking at the ocean and realizing it is simply waiting to rise and consume all.

I will think twice before adding another glyph to our artifact. We must carefully proceed with whom we trust with this information. We must learn more and quickly. I believe now that allowing the disk to be activated with its power was a mistake. We must find the others and stop those who might seek to end the world.

The barriers. They were so fragile… I wonder if such a thing can age.


Erudite_E colinwalling

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