Thule: Gateways to Darkness

poking into the unknown 4

when the void stares back

Lucien Allomage
knife in the darkness
welcome in a time of need
from whence doth it bide

Our abilities grow rapidly as our activities continue. My companions are already more formidable than I would have imagined in such a short time. I believe there is some greater force behind us. And by that I mean greater than… those who wait. Imprisoned. I will resist the urge to say more.

The hunger of the void was destroyed today, or at least its feeble avatar in this realm. Feeble compared its master, anyway. I cannot imagine the destruction that the entity in its true form would have wrought on this world had it been allowed to enter. It would have diseased and consumed us all. I am sure we are doing the right thing. We are aligned.

Doh-mi is a useful companion. It is a odd creature, but has served faithfully so far and I feel compelled to trust it. It’s eyes are overlarge and black. Glassy. I can see myself in them, but it is a distorted image… and upside down.


“We are all doing the right and just thing!” – Crothia

poking into the unknown 4
Erudite_E colinwalling

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