Thule: Gateways to Darkness

The wax cools

After the grisly discoveries in the chandlery, our heroes surreptitiously return the missing persons to their homes… with express instructions to keep the rescue under wraps, since the breadth of this cult is unknown. However, the joy at seeing their loved ones alive is barely contained by each family. The secret may not last long, not to mention the fact that there are rumors starting to spread about the healing hands of the Lomari merchant, Timbo.

There were many items harvested from past victims of sacrifice, as well as several interesting possessions on the dead chandler and cultist. On Catalina’s body was a key, a ring of climbing, two potions of pass without trace, and an everburning torch. On the cultist there was a scroll of continual flame, a wand of dominate person (3 charges), a +1 dagger, and gems worth “348 gold”. Inside the barrel labeled “paraffin” were two sets of studded leather armor, a chain shirt, 4 daggers, a short sword, a +1 shortbow, 15 arrows, and a potion of greater healing.

What happened to the bodies? There were two thralls and a cultist.


Erudite_E Erudite_E

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