Ship's Log

5th of Adar: Five ships sailed today from Ghanport to fish the Dragon’s Teeth. Must beware, the Teeth will easily let you sail to the bottom in two minutes or less. These days most ships wrecked are due to simple carelessness.

6th of Adar: Good West wind today. Changed course to avoid an outcrop of coral. Later we had to reef sail to correct.

7th of Adar: Nice dive today. We swam for two hours and change, one hundred sailors in water, kicking feet and splashing arms. Back to work tomorrow.

8th of Adar: Began with big argument today. Orca’s captain opening hostilities in my cabin, inside!!! and so my morning is compete chaos. I instructed the guards to deny him entrance heretofore. He can scream to the fish after this.

9th of Adar: The new boy saw two merrow swimming today. Hit his temple while climbing down out of crow’s nest. I thought Tiamat herself was rising up four he was so excited.

10th of Adar: Items of brand new equipment are checked and then mounted on racks.

11th of Adar: Today had to altar course, winds shifting constantly.

Ship's Log

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