Thule: Gateways to Darkness

Trader Jodum

Loss of a colleague

Timbo’s Journal and Ledger entry #742
We left her at Ghansport. I am uncomfortable taking canoes into the jungle away from her, Asura’s Ishtar. But she has carried me this far and my coin should be safe in her secret holds. The secret holds will be safe from the…captains… and the captains will keep her safe from others. The journey to Ghansport was uneventful aside from waking again in a cold sweat. The nightmares are back. I cannot let them see me like this.

I do not think that Osaiya appreciates the humor of my barge’s name. It is easier to hang back and observe the Dhari, the Northerner, the priestess, and this curious half-elf.

My Trader, Jodum, has…expired. He was a good… businessman. And informant. He always brought me the best dark chocolate and wine at a good price. Price. He knew the price and he knew what he was getting into. He knew his job. It was a contract he chose and that contract was terminated. Early. Not my problem. Yeah. Not my problem.

Spoils from the Tower
Third Floor: 120 gold pieces, 250 silver pieces, a potion of healing, and a small silk pouch with three garnets worth 25 gold pieces each.
Fifth Floor: The hidden compartment in the throne contains five small emeralds worth 100 gold pieces each, and a potion of healing.
Sixth Floor: The wooden case contains three topazes worth 50 gold pieces each, a pair of boots of the winterlands, and an amulet of natural armor +1 (rare, too precious to trade).
Total worth gold pieces: 845
Total silver pieces: 250

My even share: 169 gold pieces, 50 silver pieces, amulet of natural armor +1.
Previous stash: 270 gold pieces
New total: 439 gold pieces, 50 silver pieces, amulet of natural armor +1.

The spoils from the tower were simply not enough! This next job HAS to bring more in. I NEED to bring more in. She needs me to. I have no interest in the black milk trade but the quick, high rate of return had been the most promising. Additionally, it is not easy to call in trades from the other captains for the potions of healing we needed so badly. I could only trade for five. I thought this set of companions would be hardier than the last…


The people of Ghansport give the boat a wide berth, as one of their superstitions is that ships names after gods attract divine attention (good and bad). Naming a ship after two goddesses is like painting bulls-eyes all over it!

Trader Jodum
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