Raenera Pendregast

Quodethi-Atlantean, High-Family descended captured Bargemaster


Raenera Pendregast
Female Human Atlantean
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 127 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Build: Athletic


Raenera is a high born Atlantean hailing from the influential Pendregast Family of Quodeth. Driven by a strong sense of self and armed with above average intelligence, dexterity, and charisma, Raenera became a sly and discerning import/exporter bargemaster. Given the blessing of her mother, Meliaga, and father, Paxreth, she excelled easily and rapidly, lacking the shackles and baggage that plague most other bargemasters. Indeed, Raenera was one of the best in Quodeth. So much so, she would frequently best her rival, Timbo the Leopard, a Lomari Bargemaster.

After a long series of heated contests that frequently ended with Raenera and Timbo’s daggers at each other’s throats… the two became intimately intertwined as their challenges grew. Several exploits required them to help each other rather than oppose each other… eventually leading to the betrothal of these two star-crossed lovers who were more powerful together than they ever were apart.

After a long year of success after success, their two barges became a small flotilla. However, the ever-increasing size of their combined barge-flotilla was not unnoticed by the Corsairs, Lomari pirates of the Khalayan Sea. One fateful evening as they were returning to Quodeth from the Khalayan Sea to tell her family of their upcoming marriage, the Corsairs struck swiftly and strongly. With an overwhelming force, The Corsairs smashed their flotilla to pieces, killing sailors, looting plunder, and kidnapping the women. Raenera was kidnapped and Timbo was left for dead… but survived.


Raenera Pendregast

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