Thule: Gateways to Darkness

From the journal of Vulash

Vol. 1

I am Vulash, slayer of cave bear. Son of Thagnar, slayer of remorhaz. Son of Astrid, the frost giant bane. I earned my name today, but it was a fleeting triumph. I stared into the eyes of the cave bear as it took its final breath, and saw only respect reflected in the dark orbs. I stared into the eyes of another, and saw the death of my people. The eyes of Sven, my brother.

He was waiting on my journey home. I should have known. He is always waiting to disparage my victories. With the wind whipping the snow into a blinding fury, he was on me before I could react. I knew that I could not win. I have never won, but I am Vulash, grandson of Astrid, the frost giant bane. I do not surrender, I fight. Fury overtook me, and I tapped something deep and primal within myself and fought him with a ferocity I’d never felt before. He beat me senseless.

As I lay bleeding and broken in the snow, I stared into his eyes and saw the death of my people. He would continue in my father’s footsteps and take by strength, with no regard for wisdom, and we would die. But I also saw hope, for I had finally hurt him.

Destruction awaits my people. The earth herself squeezes us in her bloody vice of ice and starvation. Corruption threatens to destroy us from within. There is only one who can rise from the ashes of my brother’s corpse and save us.

I start this journal to document the rise of a hero, and the savior of my people. The rise of my younger sister, Alvilda, who is wiser even than Astrid. I vow on this, my naming day, to destroy Sven and erase the sins of my father. I vow to see my sister as the ruler of our people. I am Vulash, grandson of Astrid, the frost giant bane, and brother to Alvilda.


Erudite_E Vulash

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